Custom Art is Your Pick-up Truck

Being an artist is a lot like owning a pick-up truck. Okay, strange comparison, I know, bear with me here for a moment. As most people will admit, whenever it's time to move, pick-up some over sized package, or - I don't know - grab that nice looking piece of furniture from the yard sale that you have absolutely no room for in your house but you swear you'll paint it and find a place for it in that office you've been "putting in your spare room" for 2 years now, everyone thinks of their closest friend who owns a pick-up truck (or sometimes a jeep). Nine times out of ten, that person can be persuaded to assist with the purchase of gas at the least, pizza and beer at the most. True? Still with me? Okay, I was comparing owning a truck to being an artist. Well when it comes to coming up with a great personalized gift an artist is your pick-up truck. Here's a piece of custom art I created for a wedding my wife and I attended back in October. custom art

It went over really well. Not only did it look great in a frame, custom art is 100% original and, as an added side bonus, it can't be re-gifted either.

Still with me - see, I told you that would make sense. Wait - what, it didn't make sense. Well either way - if you're in need for a gift that's one of a kind and from the heart, Drawn to Heal can help.

As always, we're a pay what you want art service with half of all profits going to charity. Although I do love pizza and beer, we request that payment be made in a currency that can be donated.

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I'm looking forward to creating some art for you!

Regards, Matty