Thursday - Breaking Bad - Why Not?

I really enjoyed Breaking Bad, shock I know. Like most of us, I'm sad that it's no longer in my Sunday lineup - or more accurately, my binge watch 5 episodes back-to-back because I can never keep up line-up. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were great to watch and had some pretty amazing chemistry. Vince Gilligan absolutely raised the bar of what a showrunner can accomplish - every episode of Breaking Bad was great, moved the story forward, and more importantly - had a reason for existing. There were no filler episodes. Truly an amazing accomplishment. Every once in a while I like to create a drawing for myself. Yes, custom art makes an excellent personalized gift. Well, sometimes, you can't get any more personal than giving a gift to yourself! Breaking Bad

Although Breaking Bad is no longer with us, it did leave us with the excellent Better Call Saul. Maybe another personal gift is in order...

Yes - I'm a broken record here - but as always, Drawn to Heal is a pay what you want art service with half of all profits going to charity.

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I'm looking forward to creating some art for you!

Regards, Matty