Warming Up for Summer

I feel bad complaining about the winter this year given that we didn't receive much snow in New England but wow, it feels good to be in summer! The sun, the warmth, the lack of that fluffy white frozen stuff that falls from the sky. Sure, when it's good it gives you a day off during the week - but when it's not so good - ughhh. Long commutes, slippery walkways, the white stuff that hardens on the floor of my car when I've asked my son to bang his feet off 15 times before getting in and he still has ice melt on them, which gets all over the place and it's IMPOSSIBLE to clean....Wait - what was I saying?


Oh yes, SUMMER - by the time you're reading this it's officially here! Unless, of course, you're reading this a few months from now. Then it might be fall, or winter, or I guess if you're really slow reading this post it could be next summer, so there's that - and also, what took so long?!


Ah, I digress, Drawn to Heal is still chugging along and producing some fun works of art - I'll be posting them here through the next few weeks. I'll also be posting our latest donations so you can keep track of what we're up too. I'll be donating to a new charity that I'm super excited to share with everyone, so more details to come.

OH - I almost forget, enjoy my Star Wars themed summer drawing. I absolutely love the idea of the Emperor and Darth Vader Bro-ing out together. Thinking of them gettting ice cream, which Darth can't eat, makes me smile - hope you do too!


"How's your ice cream Lord Vader?"

As always, request some art if you haven't done so already!

We'll be in touch soon!