Donation Announcement - $100 to Camp Sunshine!

I am very happy to announce our latest donation - $100 to Camp Sunshine!

Although we've been quiet over here at Drawn to Heal - we've still been working extremely hard creating art and trying to help those who make a positive impact on so many lives around the world.

Recently I had the honor of drawing a picture to be given to an amazing couple as a wedding gift from a friend. When the drawing was completed, I was asked to consider Camp Sunshine as a destination for the donation. This decision was an easy one to make.

Take a moment to read the About Us section of their website - copied below:

We inspire hope in families affected by life-threatening childhood illness through our unique, supportive program at our beautiful campus on Maine’s Sebago Lake.
When a child faces serious illness, the entire family is impacted. Camp Sunshine’s mission is to provide respite and support to each family member - children, siblings, and parents. Since its inception, Camp Sunshine has offered comfort, hope, and support to over 43,500 individuals from 48 states and 23 countries. Camp Sunshine is currently the only full-time facility in the nation whose sole purpose is to provide respite for the whole family.
The families who come to Camp Sunshine have children diagnosed with cancer, hematologic conditions, renal disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, and who have undergone solid organ transplantation. They attend illness-specific sessions of varying lengths where they have the opportunity to solidify and renew their relationships while meeting others facing similar challenges. Bereavement programming is also provided for families who have lost a child to the illnesses served at Camp.
Recreational activities allow children and adults to relax and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of life along the pristine shores of Sebago Lake. Games and other events foster family involvement, encouraging joy and laughter. While at Camp Sunshine, each family stays in their own suite, equipped with two twin beds, bunk beds, a futon, full bathroom, microwave oven, and refrigerator. Mealtimes in our dining room are occasions for socializing and unwinding.
The Camp Sunshine Program is free
All families are sponsored by generous individuals, civic groups, corporations, and foundations. To learn more about sponsoring a family and other ways of supporting Camp Sunshine, please visit the giving section of this website.
Medical & Psychological Support
Onsite professionals are available to support the medical and psychosocial needs of families attending Camp. A physician is available 24-hours a day throughout each session. In addition, a state-of-the-art children’s hospital is only 40 minutes from Camp, and an urgent care center and community hospital with fully staffed emergency rooms are 20 minutes away.
Moderated support groups are provided during Camp Sunshine sessions and are tailored to families’ needs. These sessions are often the first opportunity family members have had to share their experiences with others in similar situations. The groups provide a forum in which family members can gain insight and support in dealing with illness-related issues.
Volunteer Support
Camp Sunshine relies on more than 2,500 volunteers annually, many of whom return year after year. The volunteers serve as camp counselors, and work in many areas of the program, including food service, arts and crafts, waterfront, and a variety of other activities. The majority of volunteers stay onsite and are provided with similar accommodations. To learn more about volunteering, please visit the volunteer section of this website.

Such an incredible, beautiful place. The married couple in the drawing actually volunteer at Camp Sunshine as well. 

There are no more words to describe a place like this - I only hope that our meager donation can help them in some small way..

Thank you for reading, and for continuing to honor Drawn to Heal with requests for art.

Please take the time to visit, give if your able - every little bit helps.