Hello everyone and welcome to Drawn to Heal, the only pay what you want art site on the internet. My name is Matty and I'm the creator and resident artist here at D2H. This website was created solely so that I could use my skills as an artist to give back.

How am I going to do you that you may be wondering?

Well, half of any compensation I receive for creating art work from this site will be donated to charity. The other half will go towards supplies, equipment, and care taking the site.


Am I expecting people to pay if they have the choice not to?

I'm not sure actually. My heart will be in every piece - you will be receiving some quality stuff. I've tried to find similar sites like this and I haven't. Either they didn't work or they didn't exist - we can find that out together.


What kind of art will I create?

Good question, while I can draw mostly anything - for time specific reasons and so that I can keep up with demand, I request a photo reference. You send me a photo and I draw it. Obviously we can switch things up a bit - like say you want to be drawn as a Jedi - sure I can do that. Superheroes - Yep, I can do that too. I can and will draw anything provided you send in a photo reference and it's nothing illegal. What I'm looking for mostly is portrait stuff - pictures that'll look cool as an ID photo for Facebook or Twitter, etc. That's going to be the sweet spot.


Sounds pretty simple...

It is. I do reserve the right to not draw your request. We aren't entering into any binding agreement here. Also, my drawings cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission. Oh, and if you send me a picture, I assume you actually own the rights to said picture or content.


Is this some kind of scam?

No I can promise you it's not (I know, if it was a scam I'd still say that) I will not use the photo submitted for anything other then creating YOUR art - that's it. When I'm done, you get a digital copy of the drawing and can pay whatever you want. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.


Please submit all requests to:

Matthew@drawntoheal.com - I'll reply that I've received it and will ask follow up questions if needed. All finished art will be displayed on this site and you will be emailed a digital copy.